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░░░ [0412] MESG.DISTRESS :: SIGN.AEON-12 :: PLAY.AUDIO ░░░ [click] This is unit 0414, I'm aboard the Aeon-12. Woke up a few hours ago, I think, regular maintenance. Got in the mech, started reps, and it just shut down — override kicked in . I'm not sure where we are [zzt▒▒zz] terminals are all still asleep, and I don't have clearance to wake 'em up. It's humid in here. There's ... something ... growing on the walls. Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear it's humming, too. Doesn't sound like the ship. Don't wanna get too close, and I *really* don't want to keep breathing it in. I can't wake anyone up without cracking the terminals, so I need a primacore ... at the top of the ship. Gonna give it a shot. [click] ░░░ [0412] MESG.DISTRESS :: SIGN.AEON-12 :: PLAY.END ░░░


Welcome to the wiki. This Wiki about a lo-fi science fiction survival horror roguelike Escape From Aeon by GhostKnot Games.


Destined for humanity's next home, you must escape a titanic mothership — where an abhorrent lifeform has taken residence.

Escape from Aeon use traditional roguelike model. Features include a turn- and point-allocation-based system, permanent death, strong enemies, small chance of survival. Early builds are available on and a Steam release is planned for the future.


•25 procedurally generated levels across 5 zones

•Tactical combat with 100-action-point system

•Unlock more than 40 enemies in the beastiary

•Find modules to upgrade your radar and skinsuit

•Environmental interaction: blast through walls to make a shortcut. Detonate a fission reactor. If all else fails, breach the ship's hull.

•Learn about the bizarre presence aboard the Aeon and experiment altering your genetic makeup ... for better or worse.

•Unravel a rich post-Earth narrative as you progress

•Inspired by The Thing, Alien, Infra Arcana & Heart of Darkness



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